V0.3 is output, I have found the bug when ufo explosed... The game seem's stable now.


GNUfo is a shoot'em up game ( galaga like ).
You could make the scenario by an ascii file, and describe the enemies moves by ascii files. It's my first SDL game.
It uses SDLSprite, but it 's included in the archive file.

The Story ( not really originally )

The Martians and the venusians attack the earth.
You are in a starship and you must protect the earth.
If you destroy all a wave, then a bonus appears.

Change Log

Mon Feb 26 22:08:38 CET 2001, Add a menu ( start and exit ) , add some mouvements of enemies Ufo.

lun mar 19 20:32:27 CET 2001, Add Tiled background

Add planet on background
modify the format of the scenario file, Modify SDLSpriteList and SDLSprite to remember the order and number of sprite in the list

The format of the scenario.

# file | time when appear | type of enemi | power | life of enemi | nb enemi by wague | deltax | deltay
data/traject.txt 100 UFO 10 1 10 0 10
data/traject2.txt 450 UFO 10 1 10 0 0
And the format of the file of trajectoire
0 X Start 
0 Y Start 
379 Number of element
0 0 -1 x, y , number of  frame



The archive tgz (120 ko ) V0.3.2


Annonce: GNUfo On freshmeat
copyright charles vidal 2001.